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Harp guitar

His music and his songs take you on his journey through oceans.

Yaouen presents you his beautiful harp guitar. built by the talented luthier Cédric Verglas so that it corresponds to its expectations and to its spirit. It has 20 strings, 6 for the part guitar, 6 for the basses tuned in FGABCD and treble 8 ABCDEFGA. He can also modify the basses by a half tone and the treble with sharping levers.

To discover the harp guitar, its history and the musicians who play it, you can visit the complete site www.harpguitars.net. It's the reference, everything is explained in detail.

His beautiful harp guitar takes him in another dimension. Composing for three voices opens him to new horizons and visions. It's fantastic to be able to mix its strings, tones and body that has  so many interesting areas of performance.

Combining the basses, guitar, treble and percussing, Yaouen has a range of sounds to stimulate his creativity and his imagination. Thanks to his beautiful harp guitar that frees atmospheres which have lay dormant in him for a very long time.

Yaouen listens carefully to the vibrations and lets them guide him. The best use for this kind of instrument is to let its inspiration go on flow without asking questions. Avoid the technical work, simply play and indulge oneself. He deals with this instrument with a totally new approach.

Yaouen wishes to be closer to his senses so to share his feelings and to make discover this strange instrument, the Harp Guitar.


About Cédric Verglas

I was 15 when I started playing my brother's electric guitar. It became mine quickly and I very soon started to customize it, putting stickers and changing electronic to advanced pickups switching. I then started my first hard rock band with school friends and my first 4 tracks tape recorder came in the same time.

About studies, I've been an electonic bachelor and electronic's university student to become audio engineer. At the same time came to me the idea that some musical instruments were not made in factories. Yeh, musical instrument makers, luthiers... a kind of revelation.

It remained nestled somewhere in me and reemerged a few years later approching thirty. The virus was in! So I started advanced wood working job on my old electric guitar then was my old accoustic. It really was not enough. I ordered my first tonewood set for a first project : a travel sized guitar with sympathetics strings. Not that easy for sure but there is such a field of possibility offred for open minds that I really couldn't restrict myself doing what others does very well such as dreadnought or jumbo. And as I have to spend hours on an instrument... free rein to creativity, it does not take much more time! The better of the story is that there are musicians, such Yaouen, which have this same impulse to free their creativity. Some of them are my customers.

I cultivate with force my sensibility toward my customers. In respect of their needs and personnal univers that I work on my, their, instruments, with a deep love for what's happening between us and between my hands and the wood. My goal is to meet and even anticipate the needs and desires of the creators of emotions that are the musicians while remaining fairly simple despite apparent complexity of my instruments.

I also cultivate my thirst for knowledge by accepting some technical challenges, through the literature and also by meeting with other luthiers from all backgrounds. Always ready to question myself, I become apprentices to each new works. In fact, I try to have fun and help musicians overcome some barriers with some well organized pieces of wood.

Cédric Verglas, Luthier.