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Yaouen, the sailor musician

His music and songs will take you on a journey through oceans.

Celtic, folk atmospheres and jazz-tinged colors transport you to a realm guided by the rhythm of the currents and tides. With his 20 steel string harp guitar created by the luthier Cedric Verglas, Yaouen takes you through the universe of his thoughts. With his texts, compositions and arrangements, he pays tribute to Brittany and to the Bretons whom he loves so much, and with whom he shares his emotions.



Tournée Bretagne 2017 - EN COURS DE PREPARATION - Infos à venir
- 6/07/17 ...... (22)
- 22/07/17 Chapelle Saint Michel, 20h30 Questemberg (56)
- 24/07/17 ...........
- 4/08/17 Chapelle Saint They, 20h30 Pointe Du Van (29)
- 6/08/17 (56)
- 7/08/17 Chapelle Notre Dame du Temple, Pleboulle (22)
- 26/08/17 Le Poney Fringant, 20h30 Sacquenay (21)

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