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About Yaouen

His music and songs will take you on a journey through oceans.

Ever since his younger years, Yaouen has navigated the seas and oceans of the musical world. These currents have carried him across countless countries and through musical worlds such as rock, hard rock, folk music and other genres. Posters of his favorite groups covered the walls of his bedroom accompanied by the crackling sound of vinyl from his trusty record player.

Life transformed when funk began to awaken his senses. Then, one tranquil spring morning, after being captivated by the harmonies of jazz, he decided to embark on his musical adventures. In parallel, he became a guitar teacher, composer and arranger of music.

Over the past few years, after continuing his search for new melodies and tones, he became aware of his strong attachment to Celtic music.

It was at this time that he envisioned the embodiment of his music in the persona of Yaouen the Breton sailor. He began by attending singing courses and in order to compose his repertoire. Then the ebb and flow of the tides brought him into contact with two lyricists and the experience aroused a desire to write down his thoughts, and details of his journeys and adventures. For Yaouen his writing reflects the blending of different emotions.

The outset of summer, with the sails of his ship being swelled by the trade winds and led him to a life-changing event. It was an obvious reality after such a lengthy time searching. It had been there all along... in front of his very eyes. Deeply moved, he realised that the path he had been seeking had at last been revealed. He contacted Cedric Verglas, the talented luthier, and with him he conceived the twenty-string Harp Guitar. This unique instrument, which accompanies him along his various trips on seas and oceans now has a constant presence in his life and is featured on his latest album Entre Ciels et Terres (Between Skies and Earth).

The lengthy journey that Yaouen has navigated since his childhood has meant traversing thousands of miles through winds, storms and quiet waters, but it has inspired him to share with you the discoveries of his universe and his enduring musical passion. Whether it is through his lyrics, Celtic music or other expressive avenues.